Configure Milestones

During initial setup you will be asked if you would like to set Milestones or not, for your volunteers. You can set a single Requirement, several achievement levels or separate milestones for separate profiles. 

To edit after initial setup:

Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> Milestones

  • Set goals -
    • Requirements - if you have only one set goal for hours, like requiring your volunteers to submit 40 hours/school year or 10 hours/ week.
    • Achievement Levels - for if you have multiple requirements or stages of goals for your volunteers and you would like to be notified once these milestone have been reached for award purposes etc. i.e.a bronze level if they reach 10 hours, you award them with a certificate, silver level for 30 hours, you award them with a shirt, etc.
  • Set the time period. Select what kind of time frame you would like your volunteers to accomplish your requirements: 
    • All time
    • Annually
    • Monthly
    • Weeky
    • Custom: here you can customize a specific time frame that does not fit within the above categories. A common example is a school year that starts in September and ends in June. The hours milestone will start over when the custom time frame is over.

This link has more details from the most recent update:

NOTE- One volunteer cannot have separate multiple milestones. ie an hour requirement for January, a separate requirement for mileage and a requirement for hours spent at a special event, etc. 

Once volunteers reach set requirements or achievements, you and the volunteer can be notified via email. Set this up by:

  1. Going to Settings >> More Settings
  2. Other configurations >> Award Milestones? (select Yes).
  3. Save