Configuring New Start Dates

Need to have a different frame of time when your volunteers start collecting hours? Such as a school year.  You can set new start dates. At this time it won't remove old hours, but in the volunteer list and reports only the hours from the newly set start date will show up. 


To Manually Reset the Start Date:

Go to the Organizer Dashboard

 On the Settings page, click on More Settings 

 Open the Other Configurations tab, and set your new Start Date (Choose the month and date from the menu). Then click on Save. 


To Set a Custom Milestone Time Frame:  

You can also set a milestone with a specific custom time frame. When that date is met, the time frame resets automatically and the volunteers can have a clear time sheet and goal. For example: If students need to collect 40 years each school year, you can set up a milestone timeframe to reset at the beginning of each school year, so that you don't have to manually reset every year.

Go to the Organizer Dashboard

Open the Settings page, then click on Milestones

Locate the question Over what kind of time period? and select Custom. Then set your frequency and start date.

This method gives your volunteers a time frame for which they are required to submit their hours by. 


If you need to have the hours from the previous year deleted, unfortunately, there is not a way to efficiently do this yet. As the owner/administrator, you can delete the volunteers that you no longer need so their profiles and hours do not clutter up your site.