Deleting a volunteer

Deleting a volunteer will remove them and their hours from your list of volunteers and your total number of volunteers in regards to your pricing plan. They are archived in this state and can be either permanently deleted or re-added into your site. Until they are permanently deleted they are still technically associated with your site and will receive a message saying they are blocked if the try to log more hours. Their email will be in the system if they are trying to create new accounts elsewhere in the Track it Forward system.

To delete a volunteer:

  1. Go to the Organizer Dashboard >> Volunteers >> "List of Volunteers". Select the box of the volunteer you wish to delete.
  2. From the "Choose an action" box select "delete volunteer", then click Run.

Another option for deleting a volunteer is to click on a volunteer's underlined name >> Permissions tab there is another "delete user" function there.

To view deleted volunteers there is a link at the bottom of the Volunteer tab. Here you can re-approve the volunteer or delete them permanently.