Get Started

When signing up your organization with Track it Forward after clicking the Get Started button on the home page you will be prompted to fill out basic info about your organization and begin a 3 step process within a setup wizard.

Step 1: Building your Volunteer Log

As you are walked through the setup wizard process you will be able to configure settings for:

  • Hour Log- here you can decide how you would like volunteers to submit their hours (from a set of numbers 2 or 5.5 etc. or if you prefer to add smaller or larger amounts of time you can use the free form field and just type any amount you need). Categories can be configured here as well. One can choose from the list of activities or organizations as tracked fields or add extra fields for other types of information to keep track of such as mileage or tools.
  • Milestones- with milestones you can set required hours to meet for volunteers and give them a time period to work within or you can use acheivements to offer thresholds for your volunteers to meet and surpass for records or rewards. Useful for memberships levels and rankings of certain organizations.
  • Volunteers- in this section you can setup what you would like your volunteers to provide the organizer. You can decide to approve submitted hours as they are entered and approve new volunteers that register and become Track it Forward users.

Step 2: Log your first hour

This step is to preview what your Volunteers will see and experience as well as give you an opportunity to experience how Track it Forward works from both sides as hours are submitted. You may want to change settings and configurations as you use the log. To make changes you will use the Organizer Dashboard >> Settings

Step 3: Visit the Organizer Dashboard

The Organizer Dashboard is the organizer's complete access and to the organizer site and volunteer logs.

To find the Organizer Dashboard as you are following initial setup there will be a smaller "Organizer Dashboard" title below the name of your Organization on the top left of the page. You can also access it by visiting your account tab in the top right of the page. For more see: Organization Setup >> Using the organizer dashboard


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