Monitor Volunteer hours and totals

There are multiple ways to see your volunteer hours as a volunteer and as an organizer or administrator.

As a volunteer they have access to view "all logged hours" on their account page. This will show their hours across all sites.  Also, in the Log Hours tab they can view their timesheet that shows either all their logged hours or their hours only for a specific time period depending on the organizer settings.

As the Orgnaizer or any other admin role you can view the volunteer hours in the Volunteers Tab > List of Volunteers and see them at a glance there. To view individuals hours you can click on the specific name or you can also create a report. In the Reports tab you can select the volunteer name in the "Advanced Search Settings".

For volunteer hour accountability what we can offer at this time is that there is a submitted date vs a volunteered date, where submitted date is the date that the person actually logged into the system to add hours, sort of like a timestamp. While volunteered hours are the hours that the volunteer adds by chosing from the drop down menu as the date they volunteered for.

There is no way to limit the number of hours that someone adds to the system. However, we can suggest that you choose to "Approve hours upon submission" if you decide to move to the upgraded plan. Then there can be someone monitoring the hours as they are added as well.