Sending volunteers an invitation email

You can provide the volunteer with a direct link to your Organization site. They can then login or self register if they do not already have an account set up by you, the Owner/Manager. 

  1. Organizer Dashboard >> Volunteers >> Add Volunteers. You can add volunteers individually or import volunteers with via a spreadsheet. These names will then appear in the List of Volunteers.
  2. Select boxes of individual volunteers in the List of Volunteers or "select all" to be able to send out a bulk invitiation to all volunteers at once.
  3. Once you have selected the volunteers you wish to send an email invitation to "CHOOSE AN ACTION" from the drop down menu >> SEND AN INVITATION and click RUN.


  • When adding volunteers just check the "Send Invite" box in the Add Volunteers field. Once the volunteer is added they will also be sent an email with a link to prompt them to the website where they can sign in with a user name you have given them and they can change the temporary password sent to them


  • Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Promote >> Share this link with your volunteers. Copy and paste the url into an email or onto your own organization's website. Using this method the volunteers will have to input their own information and register to sign up to log their hours.

To customize what message and subject line you would like to send to your volunteers:

Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> More Settings >> Email Template. Save it.