Setting report time frames and dates

To start reports from a certain date

The "start date” feature will help you reset all your graphs and charts from a specific date.

  • Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Reports >> Show advanced settings: here you can filter by speciffic fields, groups, dates, etc.

Milestone Timeframe

To set your milestone reports for both you and your volunteer:

  • Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> Milestones
  • Select either Requirment or Achievement Levels
  • Select the time period

However do note that if you select school year,you need to set a non-calendar time frame:

Setting a non-calendar annual timeframe  (for school year, etc)

  • If you use milestones, set the period from above to "All Time"
  • Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> More Settings >> Other Configurations
  • In the "Start Date" Field, select the date you want your calendar year to start.

For example, if my annual year is Aug 1st, 2015 - Sep 30th, 2016, then I would set the "Start Date" as Aug 1st 2015.  All reports will be offset from this date.