Start logging hours

To start logging hours:

Go to your Organization's volunteer log which your organizer provided to you within an email link or via their website. If they did not send you link, click on the "Find a Site" link on the front page of Track it Forward and search for your organization. If you cannot find your organization contact your organizer to make the page publicly searchable.

Sign in or register if you do not have an account already, You will be prompted to Log Hours right away. You can add logged hour entries though the "Log Hours" tab of your account dashboard as well (just click the Account tab).

To edit any of your entries you can click on your Timesheet. If you see the entry you need to change, you can click on the entry and a more detailed description along with an edit link will appear. 

However, if the hours have been approved, you will no longer be able to edit it and you will need to contact your organizer.