Volunteers have access to charts and reports that show volunteer hour trends and top volunteers through the Charts tab of the Log Hours section.


The default display will show the hours from the start date. This date is adjustable while on this page, but once you move from the page it will reset to the default.

In the bar graph, you can change the time frame, time interval, see the total hours during the specified time frame, and see the number of hours from each of the top volunteers.  


In the Leaderboard section, you can view the ranks of the top volunteers and the number of hours volunteered.  The number of hours changes when the time frame is updated, as well. 


In the Log section, volunteers can see the daily details of who volunteered, where, and how many hours. The log changes when the time frame is updated, also. 


To enable/disable sections on the charts page

Go to Organizer Dashboard

Click on Settings, then More Settings

Click on Volunteer Charts. After any changes are made, make sure to click on Save.


Charts can also be embedded on your own off Track it Forward site. Read this for more information.