The Events feature has a calendar that shows all upcoming events and lists past events.


Shift Availability

Per the legend on top of the calendar, events will be highlighted in Blue if shifts are available, in Green if you've RSVP'ed for a shift already, and in Grey if all shifts are full.


1. "#"/"#" RSVP's = Number of volunteers remaining OUT OF number of volunteers needed

2. "#" RSVP's = Unlimited number of volunteers


For specific shift details and availability, click on the actual event in the calendar. You will see all shifts listed, time, details, number of slots open, and the big orange button to sign up.


To Sign Up For a Shift

When you are in the event details and find a shift that you'd like to volunteer for, click on the Sign up button.

If you are logged in, a pop-up box will appear where you can send a message to the organizer and then click on Sign Up. The pop-up box will then disappear, and the Sign Up button will be replaced with Confirmed.

Sign Up a Group Member For a Shift

If your organization enables volunteer grouping, you will see the option to "Choose a volunteer in your group" and sign them up for a shift. This is a great option for families who have separate accounts, but work towards milestones as a group. Each family member can register for shifts without requiring them to log in/log out with each account. 


If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to fill out who you are by either registering as a new user or signing in as an existing volunteer. The setting can be configured so that the person signing up does not need to be a member of Track it Forward and does not need to register, but does need to provide some basic information like phone number or email.