Need to change your plan, add more volunteers, or update your credit card? All of this can easily be managed from the Payments page of your Organizer Dashboard. (Please note: you must be a site owner or site manager to access Payments)

Update the credit card on your account: Is your card about to expire? Maybe a new coordinator took over and the payment needs adjusted? From the Payments page, review your current payment method and click Update to change the card. 

Upgrade your plan or increase your volunteer limit: About to reach your limit on volunteers? Maybe you want to add more features to your account? From the Payments page, select the plan you want and the number of volunteers you need. If you've already made your annual payment, the system will prorate you for the difference. 

*If you have a manual invoice, please contact support to increase your volunteer limit. 

View your past invoices and receipts: Need documentation for a previous payment? Access your past invoices/receipts at any time through your Payments page. 

Cancel or suspend your Track It Forward account: Need to take a break from Track It Forward and put your subscription on hold? We understand, sometimes organizations only need us for certain projects! You can cancel your account from your Payments page, which will prevent any future charges on your credit card. When you're ready to come back, all of your data and settings will be waiting for you! 

Please note that canceling your account will not completely delete it from Track It Forward. If you want to completely delete the account, check out this article next