The purpose of the Track it Forward application is to log hours, review your hours logged, and track your milestones.

Our application is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. You will need to download the application from your Play Store or App Store to use the app. For help on how to download, read this article. 

You will need your username and password to be able to use the application. If you do not have a username set up, you will need to do that on your computer prior to logging into the app.

Once you are signed in, your log hours form will appear on the landing page. 

Click on the top left menu icon to expand your menu bar. Click on the "+" to expand the menu for a particular organization. 

In the app, we currently have the following functions:

  1. Log and submit hours
  2. View your timesheet and update your submissions (only if it doesn't require an approval or hasn't been approved yet)
  3. View your milestones to see how far you've gotten.

But we are always rolling out new features and are working on the following at the moment:

  1. Create/Sign up for an event
  2. Approve hours
  3. Create a new user
  4. Reset password
If you have any requests or ideas, please let us know by visiting  our feature log