Some of my hour log fields aren't included as options

Certain hour log fields will not be available for all report types. If the field cannot be aggerated (i.e. it was created as a text field, paragraph, checkboxes, etc.) it will not appear as an option for reports that aggregate all of the data from past submissions. (Ex. the Volunteer report). To see data for fields that cannot be aggregated, you will need to run the All Hours report.

In some scenarios, it might also be beneficial to revisit your site settings and determine if a different field type could be used (i.e. change checkboxes to dropdown)

Why isn't there a report showing up for my custom fields?

By default, you will see an option for a report designed to aggregate data by a secondary field on your hour log. However, this option will only appear if the field was added a dropdown or a radio. 

Can I add more data to the milestone report?

No, at this time the milestone summary report cannot be customized. 

The parameters aren't accurate for my report template

When you use a saved report, the parameters are automatically updated to the selections of your most recently run report. For example, let's say you create a report with the date range set to August 2020 and save it as a template. Then you access that template later, update the date range to September 2020 and run the report. Moving forward, the template will show September 2020 as the default date range since that was your most recent selection. If you want to run a similar report without replacing the existing parameters, you will need to duplicate it. 

Can I see total hours without downloading the report?

You will need to click Run Report before the system can generate a complete report with all of your data. For most reports, you will also see your results directly on the website with the total number of hours. (This is not available for the All Hours report or Volunteer & Activity report due to the amount of data included)