For organizations using our Group plan to aggregate data for multiple sites, the reports system looks a bit different. To access Group reports, go to the Reports page of your Group Dashboard. 

1. Select your date filters: Adjust the date range to limit data to a specific time period. You can also decide if you want to use the Volunteered Date (i.e. the date the activity took place), the Submitted Date (i.e. the date it was logged on Track It Forward), or the Approved Date (i.e. the date it was approved by an administrator). 

If you want to export all data, you can leave the date fields blank. 

2. Add filters, if needed: To limit the report, you can filter by specific activities or by a specific volunteer profile field. 

3. Choose your report type: Finally, you can decide what type of report you want to download. 

  • All Hours: this will export all data from each volunteer submission
  • Volunteer and Site: this will aggregate the data for each volunteer
  • Activity: this will show total hours per category

Once you finalize your settings, click Download and then download a copy of the report when it's ready!