By default, all reports begin with the day that your organization launched on Track It Forward. 

To view reports from a certain date, but not permanently change the start date:

Milestone Reports have arrows which update your time frame to the previous or next period.

Volunteer Charts have the option to update your time intervals in days, weeks and months, as well as change the specific time frame dates.

Reports builder lets you input any specified start and end date, as well as other advanced settings such as groupings and filters.


To change your default start date for volunteer charts and organizer reports (other than milestones):

Go to the Organizer Dashboard

On the Settings page, click on More Settings 

 Open the Other Configurations tab, and set your new Start Date (Choose the month and date from the menu). Then click on Save. 

You can also set a milestone with a specific custom time frame. When that date is met, the time frame resets automatically and the volunteers can have a clear time sheet and goal. To change your milestone time frames, read more about it here.