Track it Forward is a tool for volunteer, nonprofit, grassroots, universities and government organizations to track volunteer efforts. Volunteers can log hours via the web or mobile app, as well as sign up for events and track their progress for requirements. Organizers have the ability to approve hours and create the reports they need to:

  • Create recognition programs to increase engagement with their volunteers
  • Democratize the way work is done in their organization
  • Receive funds through grants which require volunteer hours
  • Meet minimum requirements for membership

Some of the key features that make Track It Forward a great solution include: 

  • Volunteers log their own hours and track requirements from their dashboard 
  • Customize the approval flow for hours based on your workflow
  • Track required hours at a glance with milestones to quickly see which volunteers have met their requirement 
  • Organize activities and events using the Track It Forward calendar

If you'd like to learn more about Track It Forward and what types of organizations use our software, check out our guide: Is Track It Forward the Right Solution?