When you look at the volunteer leaderboards and charts they show data for the last 6 months. You can adjust time frame using the date filters on top by selecting a specific time frame or changing the time interval to show data by days, weeks or months. 

Your volunteer timesheet on the account page is always the accurate total of your hours. 

If you do not see your hours in the graphs, the hours have likely not yet been approved by the volunteer manager or coordinator OR the charts have been disabled. Once they are approved, then they will appear in the graphs. Please contact your organizer to prompt them to approve your hours if there is a need to view them in the graphs sooner.

Public graphs are usually visible on your Volunteer Account Dashboard, click on Log Hours, then click on Charts.

 As a volunteer, you are not able to remove your name from the graphs and charts unless your organizer themselves makes the charts private. Please contact your organizer if you have any concerns with this.