How organizations use widgets

How to find and access the widget code:

Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Promote. Here you’ll see the embeddable form of many different widgets.

  • Once you embed the form on your Organization's website, volunteers will be able to directly enter hours on your website and will never have to visit Track it Forward.
  • A new volunteer can also register themselves for the first time through the embedded widget form without even going to Track it Forward's site.
  • You also have the option to embed overall graphs on your website as well. However, the embedded widget is only for hour logging.
  • For a volunteer to see hours they have logged they will need to go their dashboard on Track it Forward to see all of their own hours. Individual volunteer hours are not viewable in the hour log widget and embedded graphs.

Adjusting the design of the hour log form:

If you have someone that wants to provide some “css” for it, we can apply those to them.

The Widgets:

Hour Log Form - use this on your original website for volunteers to directly submit hours without being redirected or visiting Track it Forward.

Hour Log Kiosk - only installed by a manager or owner, this widget is used to set up a station on a single computer or device for your volunteers to submit hours to. They will be able to select their user name from a dropdown menu and log hours whenever they visit that computer or device. Example: A library sets up a computer with the Hour Log Kiosk where volunteers check in and submit their hours each time they visit the library rather than having them visit a website on their own.

Top 10 Volunteers - a bar chart that shows the progress of the top 10 volunteers compared to each other.

Top 10 Volunteers (6 weeks) - bar chart that shows the progress of the top 10 volunteers in the last 6 weeks.

Top X Volunteers - a bar chart you can that shows the progress of how many volunteers you choose. The example in the widget template is 5.

Total Hours (monthly) - a bar graph that shows all the monthly hour total over a 12 month period.

Total Hours (6 weeks) - bar chart showing the total hours in the last 6 weeks.

Total Hours (all time) - a bar graph showing all the hours overall volunteered.

Events - allow volunteers to sign up for events created in Track it Forward on your website.