Setting up milestones for your organization can simplify the process of checking progress towards required hours or volunteer awards. But what if you (and the volunteer!) need to know how many hours were logged after the minimum requirement was met? 

For example, let's say volunteers have a single requirement of completing 25 hours each year. The milestone progress will max out at 25 hours so hours beyond that will only be available by reviewing the timesheet. 

To make it easier for volunteers to see how many hours were approved beyond the requirement, we recommend create a new milestone for "Above and Beyond" (or any name that works for you!) 

This milestone can be customized with a higher number of hours that volunteers are unlikely to complete. For instance, if volunteers typically log 50-75 hours each year, you could make the new milestone 100 hours. The secondary milestone makes it easy for volunteers to see a running total of their approved hours beyond the initial requirement.