Track It Forward simplifies the process of monitoring volunteer progress and achievements by empowering you to create custom milestones that make sense for your organization! 

There are 5 ways to set up your milestones, depending on the needs of your organization! 

Single Hour Requirement: Perfect for organizations that keep it simple and have a single requirement for all volunteers!  Example: All volunteers must complete 50 hours of service each year

Multi-Level Achievements: This is a great option for organizations that track progressive milestones for volunteers.  Example: Bronze Level is 15 hours, Silver Level is 30 hours, Gold Level is 45 hours

Activity-Specific Milestones: This is perfect for organizations that have different requirements based on the volunteer activity. Example: Must complete 15 hours of office work and 15 hours of field work

Volunteer-Specific Milestones: This makes it easy for schools and organizations to differentiate between their volunteers and adjust requirements. Example: Single Parent Families need 10 hours and Two-Parent Families need 20 hours

Non-Hourly Milestones: Not everything is about the hours, right? Some organizations need to track donations or events attended! Example: Volunteers must attend 6 committee meetings each year

Ready to get started? Check out our article on Configuring Your Milestones!