One of the site settings that organizations can customize is "Do you want to approve each new volunteer registration?". This setting can be managed by going to Organizer Dashboard > Settings. 

If this setting is enabled, new users will be considered "pending" until they are approved by a site administrator. During this time, they can still log hours, but their access to other parts of your site may be limited based on your settings (i.e. If your event calendar is private, they won't have access until they are approved)

When new users are pending approval, they will appear until the Report Summary section of your Organizer Dashboard. Click on the Approve Users tab and then choose to approve or archive the volunteer. 

If you need to delete the user account completely, click archive and then go to the Volunteers page of your site. Scroll to the bottom and click see archived volunteers. From there, you can permanently delete the user account. 

*Owners, Managers, and Coordinators will have access to approve new users, but only Coordinators will receive a notification via email. 

Interested in additional functionality for denying users and notifying them via email? Vote on this idea through our suggestion forum and share your feedback on how this would help your organization's workflow!