When you login, you may see a message on your dashboard that your user account was archived by an organization. If this occurs, some of your access may be limited until your account is restored. 

Common Reasons for Archived Accounts

  • The account hasn't been accessed recently 
  • There was a duplicate account for the same user 
  • The organization archived everyone to start over for a new year

Contact Your Organizer 

If your account is archived, you can contact your organization directly for additional information. Your organizer may be able to provide clarification on why the account was archived and they will also have access to restore it. If you're not sure who the correct contact person is for your site, you can use the Contact Your Organizer function. 

Log an Hour

Alternatively, you can click the link for "Log an hour" and submit hours for a recent activity. Even if you're archived, you can still record volunteer hours to ensure nothing is lost during the transition. 

If your organization requires approval for new users, your account will be marked as pending once you submit an entry. The administrator will need to approve your account before it is fully restored. For the quickest response, we recommend following up with the organization to let them know you need to be restored as an active user. 

If your organization does not require approval for new users, your account will be restored automatically once you log an hour.