How to sign in volunteers

As the organizer, you can create a digital sign in sheet from your mobile device by signing in to your Track It Forward app.

Find your event >> tap the + sign to expand >> tap on Go to volunteer Sign In

To sign in volunteers who have RSVP'd in advance, tap on their names under their scheduled shift, then on the next page tap on Sign In

To sign in volunteers who DID NOT RSVP in advance, click on the orange Sign In button >> find the volunteer name in the dropdown >> tap on Sign In.

If you'd like to change the sign in time to the current time, click on the time dropdown to adjust, then click on Sign in  when finished. 

The main event sign in screen will be updated with a small orange icon, representing volunteer currently checked in. 


To sign in volunteers that do not have a Track it Forward account, click on the Sign In button, then click on Register on the next screen. 

Fill out the necessary profile fields and click on Register.

How to sign out volunteers

When volunteers are finished you can easily sign them out by tapping on their name on the sign in screen >> confirm the end time >> tap on Sign out. 

The next screen will confirm number of hours logged. Click complete to close out. 

The next screen will show the green icon that volunteer has signed out, as well as the number of hours they volunteered.