If your organization plans to use the invitation email for Track It Forward, you have the option to customize the template so it's specific to your program. For context, the invitation email is designed for new volunteers who were recently added to the site by an administrator. The invitation email alerts them of their new account and provides a direct link to access their user account. 

By default, this is the invitation email: 

To modify the email template, go to Organizer Dashboard


Click on the Settings tab, then More Settings:


Click on Email Templates. Insert your personal Subject and/or Message, then click on Save. 


You can use the tokens to automatically populate the information that is unique to your site, such as a link to the volunteer log. If you want to use one of the token as a hyperlink (i.e. Click on this link), you will need to use the format <a href="!login_url">Click on this link</a>

To change your template back to the default message, delete your personalized message and click on Save.