If organizations use the calendar to coordinate activities, they can export reports on their events and associated RSVPs. The event reports will be accessible by going to Events > Export or they can be accessed by going to Organizer Dashboard > Reports

Accessing Event Reports

Option 1: Access from Events page

Option 2: Access from Reports page

Event Report

The Event Report is designed to show a list of events and the associated details for a specific time frame. If needed, organizations can customize the date range, data fields, and apply filters to limit the report to specific parameters. 

The event report is the best option for statistics such as total events hosted or total events currently available. There will be one line per event, regardless of the volunteer capacity and current RSVPs. 

Event RSVP Report

The Event RSVP report is designed to show the details of current volunteer sign ups and remaining slots available per event. Organizations can follow the same process for customizing the date range, data fields, and filters before downloading the report. 

This report is the best option to view event RSVP information, such as current volunteers and remaining spots available. Each event will have multiple entries on the report based on the shift capacity and current volunteers. 

Please note: the filter options for these reports will be based on event categories. If you need assistance setting up event categories, you can check out this help article