Organizations can use embedded widgets on their website so volunteers can access everything without visiting Track It Forward directly. 

How to find and access the widget code:

Go to Organizer Dashboard, then click on Promote

From here, select the widget you want to use and then copy/paste the code into your own website. 

Please note: 

  • You may need to adjust the placement of the widget on your website if it's not displaying correctly. For example, the Events widget will display as a list if there's not enough space for the full calendar view. This may occur if the widget is embedded side-by-side with other content. 
  • Volunteers will still need to use Track it Forward or the mobile app to access their timesheet and milestones

The Widgets:

Hour Log Form - From this widget, volunteers can register as a new user or sign in to their existing account and log hours directly on your website.  

Universal Hour Log - only installed by a manager or owner, this widget is used to set up a station on a single computer or device for your volunteers to submit hours. They will be able to select their username from a drop-down menu and log hours whenever they visit that computer or device.

Example: A library sets up a computer with the Universal Hour Log where volunteers check in and submit their hours each time they visit the library rather than having them visit a website on their own.

Top 10 Volunteers - a bar chart that shows the progress of the top 10 volunteers compared to each other.

Top 10 Volunteers (6 weeks) - bar chart that shows the progress of the top 10 volunteers in the last 6 weeks.

Top X Volunteers - a bar chart you can that shows the progress of how many volunteers you choose. The example in the widget template is 5.

Total Hours (monthly) - a bar graph that shows all the monthly hour total over a 12 month period.

Total Hours (6 weeks) - bar chart showing the total hours in the last 6 weeks.

Total Hours (all time) - a bar graph showing all the hours overall volunteered.

Events - allow volunteers to sign up for events created in Track it Forward on your website.

Adjusting the design of the hour log form:

If you have someone that wants to provide some “css” for it, we can apply those to them.