Who it's for:

  • Your organization does not schedule specific shifts or require volunteers to RSVP before coming in. 
  • Your organization needs to track the exact start and end time for volunteers. 
  • You currently use paper forms to track what time volunteers arrive at your organization and what time they leave. 
  • You need an easy way to monitor what volunteers are on site at a given time and who has already left for the day. 
  • You have a simple workflow and just need to capture volunteer hours and their activity. 

*If you require advanced registration for shifts or want to track attendance at events, our Digital Sign In Sheet would be a better option for you. 

How does it work: 

  • You can use the Kiosk App to turn any mobile device into a Volunteer Check In Kiosk - no special equipment required!
  • When volunteers arrive, they select their name from the list and check in. When they are ready to leave, they select their name again and check out!
  • Hours can be automatically logged on the volunteer's timesheet or sent to an approval queue. It's your choice!
  • In addition to tracking time for your active volunteers, you can enable the kiosk to allow one-time volunteers and groups to check in. This makes it easy to capture data on hours contributed by volunteers who only show up once or twice! 

Why it's a better solution:

  • No new equipment necessary: Traditional kiosk systems are expensive, but this one doesn't require anything special. The Track it Forward volunteer check in app is available on the cloud, so you can use access it on a tablet, a desktop computer,  a mobile device or all of the above. 
  • Everything is done in one spot: Not only do you have record of when your volunteers checked in and checked out, but their hours are automatically logged for them all on one platform. You don't have to spend time calculating or transferring hours from a paper sheet, a calendar sign up, or any other system, we've automated the whole process for you. Of course, if you'd like to double check the submissions, turn on approvals so you can review the check ins before they are added to a volunteer's timesheet. 
  • No need for sending out reminders: Gone are the days of trying to get volunteers to track their hours! If your volunteers use paper sign in sheets or have to log completed hours after they've volunteered, then you probably spend a good amount of time chasing down volunteers and blowing them up with emails reminding them to log their hours. You can now avoid all of that hassle.
  • No more paper storing and reading bad handwriting: How tedious and wasteful is it to maintain piles of check in sheets!? In this day and age, there are better, more cost effective and easy to implement solutions available, such as this one.