When volunteers RSVP for specific opportunities on the calendar, they can associate that event with their submission when they log hours. This makes it easy to verify who RSVP'ed for specific days and who logged their time afterwards. 

In order to select an Associated Event, there has to be an existing RSVP in the system for that user. Once they log hours for an event, it will no longer appear as an option in the future. 

Log hours from an event 

When volunteers log hours, they will see a link for "prefill from an event" next to the Hours field. (This link will only appear if they're registered for an event, but haven't logged associated hours yet). 

After clicking this link, a new dropdown will appear with a list of events to choose from. (Please note: events will only be listed if the user has RSVP'ed). When the volunteer selects an event, their hour log data will pre-populate based on the event data. If needed, the volunteer can make changes or add supplemental information before submitting their time. 

When volunteers log their hours with an associated event, the site administrator will have the ability to review past events and confirm which volunteers logged their hours.