Configuring Hour Logs is the second step you will be prompted to complete in the 3 step setup wizard. You can modify these settings later on at any time by doing the following.

Go to Organizer Dashboard

Click on the Settings tab, then go to Hour Log.

Setup the following fields based on the information that you would like to collect from your volunteers when they log time.

Choose how you want your volunteers to enter their hours

  • Select from a list of hours: select a number in 30-minute increments ranging from .5 to 13 hours
  • Free-form fields: input any integer 

Categorize submissions by activity, organization or don't use either. 

Customize your own questions by adding additional fields. You can track other things such as mileage, cash or tools. 

  1. Select Yes 
  2. Provide a Name: Title your fields.
  3. Select Type in the drop-down:
    • Text Field: limited space for text, best for short answers.
    • Paragraph: Memo box for a lot of text, best for long answers
    • Numeric Text: Integers only. Numbers will be added up in reports.
    • Drop down: List of options to choose one from
    • Checkboxes: List of options to choose multiple of
    • Radios: List of radio button options to choose one from
    • Date: Date field in the following format - MM/DD/YYYY
For additional options to apply to each new field, click on the "+" next to the Name field 
  • Description: short text to help your volunteers understand the field
  • Required: Volunteer won't be able to submit until that field is filled out
  • Organizer Only: ONLY the Organizer (the owner and manager) will be able to see this field
  • Collapsed: The field options will be collapsed until they are expanded

To remove fields: 

Hover over the Name or Type fields and click on the "X" icon on the right

To move up or down the fields:

Hover over the Name or Type fields and click on the "up" or "down" icons on the right.
As you configure these fields there is a live preview box that updates as you enter changes so you can see what your volunteers will see as they fill out the set fields.
For even more advanced settings:

Go to your Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> More Settings >> Other Configurations.

You can:

  • Set a start date for your volunteer submissions. This will be reflected in your reports, milestones and graphs. You can use this option to reset your calendar.
  • Edit your drop down hour options. This applies if you select drop down instead of the free-form field.
    • i.e. choose which increments the choose from like  .5 or .15 for fifteen minute increments.
  • Require Hours - You can turn off hour submissions if your organization is focused on tracking other activities or fields
  • Lock Time Submissions - Lock the submissions so that no one can submit any volunteer hours.
  • Allow Future Time Entry - allow volunteers to enter future hours.
  • Allow New Activity Entry -  enable if you want volunteers to be able to creat their own activity fields.
  • Choose labels for your volunteers and activities. Be creative if you like and instead of the title of your Hour log as "Volunteer" you can change it to "Parent" or "Do-gooder". Or make "Activities" into "Classroom" or "Location", etc.
  • Notes - remove the "notes" box if needed.
  • Hide Volunteers - means "Hide from volunteers". During initial setup everything in this section is displayed to your volunteers in their dashboard. In this section disable charts your don't need your volunteers to see.
  • Enable Public Display of Volunteer Name - If you want to allow people who are not part of your site to see volunteer names, enable this.
  • Embed CSS: customizable design to match your organization
  • Disable Hour Approval Email: turn off email notifications to be triggered to any approver
  • Preserve drop down selections: If enabled, every new submission will use the dropdown's previous submission. Sometimes this is handy if your volunteers are entering the same data over and over again and the dropdowns are typically the same.

Make sure to click Save after all changes are made.