For some organizations, it might not always be the best fit to ask volunteers to log their own hours. For this reason, Track It Forward includes multiple options for administrators to log hours on behalf of volunteers. 

Log hours from your dashboard 

On the Overview page of your Organizer Dashboard, there will be a section for Submit Hours. From here, you can select any volunteer on your site and log hours on their behalf. 

This is the best option for quickly logging hours for one volunteer. 

Bulk Log Hours for Multiple Volunteers

From the Volunteers page of your Organizer Dashboard, you can log hours in bulk for multiple users at once. Select your list of volunteers and then use the Choose an action dropdown to select "Bulk Log Hours". Confirm the details of the volunteer activity and then submit the hours for everyone selected. 

This is the best option if multiple volunteers need hours logged for the same day and activity.

Import Hours

For organizations with multiple hours to log, data can be imported in bulk. Go to Organizer Dashboard > Volunteers and click the Import tab under the Add Volunteers section. This allows you to copy and paste data from an existing spreadsheet to enter multiple entries for multiple volunteers at once. 

This is the best option if you have a large amount of data to add for multiple volunteers. 

Verify Event Hours

For organizations using the event calendar to coordinate opportunities, hours can be logged in bulk based on the registration list. Go to Events > Select your event > Verify Hours.

This is the best option if your organization coordinates activities through the calendar. 

Next, review the list of volunteers who registered for the event and makes any changes to how many hours they were there. Once everything is confirmed, click Log Hours to record the event hours for everyone on your list. 

Log Hours from Mobile App

As an administrator, you can log hours on behalf of volunteers from your mobile app. When you open the app, you will have the ability to adjust the volunteer selected on the hour log. This allows you to search for a volunteer and log hours on their behalf. 

This is the best option for logging hours on site when you don't have access to a computer.