The Legacy plan was created a few years ago when Track It Forward expanded its features and updated the pricing model. At the time of this change, existing customers were placed on a Legacy plan to keep their current pricing/features locked in place. (Learn more about the Legacy plan here)

For this reason, the Payments page will look a little different for Legacy customers. 

Adjusting volunteer capacity

If you need to increase the volunteer capacity to add more users to your site, you can go to Organizer Dashboard > Payments. To modify the subscription, click the dropdown box under Plan and select Legacy Adjustment, then set your new capacity for volunteers, confirm preference for monthly vs. annual payment, and update your account. 

Upgrading to a new plan 

If you'd like to add more features to your account, you can upgrade your subscription to our Premium or Advanced plan by following the same steps. The cost of the upgrade will be pro-rated based on the time remaining on your current subscription. If you'd like to see a demonstration of the features prior to upgrading, you can contact our Support Team to request a demo. 

Please note: After a subscription is upgraded, it cannot be downgraded back to the Legacy plan. 

Subscription cancelled unintentionally 

Sometimes organizations experience an issue with their payment method and the subscription is cancelled unintentionally. (i.e. the credit card is expired and a new card isn't added in time.) In this scenario, you will need to contact our Support Team and they can provide access to restart your subscription with the Legacy pricing.