What is a Legacy subscription?

Some customers may notice that their current plan is listed as Legacy when they visit their Payments page. The Legacy plan was created a few years ago when Track it Forward expanded its features and updated the pricing model.

At the time of this change, existing customers were placed on a Legacy plan to keep their current pricing/features locked in place. 

What features are included on the Legacy plan? 

Under our current pricing model, we offer 3 plans (Basic, Premium, Advanced). Features are subject to change as updates are released, but a general comparison is available on our Pricing page. Legacy plans include all of the basic features and some of the premium features. 

Some premium features are included with a Legacy subscription, such as: 

  • Custom profile fields - Add checkboxes, dropdowns, etc. to customize the type of fields used
  • Hour approval - Review incoming submissions from volunteers
  • Multiple administrators - Delegate administrative access to multiple users
  • Other configurations - Customize additional settings, such allowing new activities or future entries

What features are not included on the Legacy plan? 

Some premium features are not included with a Legacy subscription, such as: 

  • Digital sign in sheet for events - sign volunteers in/out for their scheduled shift
  • Time in / time out field for the hour log - require volunteers to enter their start/end time when submitting hours
  • Site branding - modify default colors on the volunteer log to match your organization's branding
  • Volunteer service resume - volunteers can download a resume with their past service hours
  • Community Service Directory - designed for programs that need to facilitate connections between volunteers and local opportunities
  • Premium features that are released in the future

Advanced features are not included with a Legacy subscription:

  • Advanced verification - confirm hours by requiring a photo, digital signature, or GPS pin
  • File upload field - create a file upload field to collect photos or documentation from volunteers
  • Conditional fields - customize the hour log so volunteers only see the fields that are relevant to them
  • Check in kiosk - check volunteers in/out on-site using a shared device to log hours instantly
  • Offline mode - log hours without an internet connection and sync them later
  • Texting - send out reminders and announcements via SMS texting