Our group plan is designed for larger organizations with multiple chapters, locations, or programs. The Group Account serves as an umbrella organization for multiple sites. Each site can be managed independently, but all of the data can be aggregated at the group level across all sites. 

Group Administrators 

  • Full access to all sites, volunteers, and data
  • Typically responsible for running aggregated reports from all sites

  • Ability to lock settings across all sites within the group to ensure consistency 

Site Administrators 

  • Limited access to their specific site, volunteers, and data
  • Typically responsible to managing volunteers, approving hours, coordinating activities
  • Multiple roles available if responsibilities are shared with various users

Benefits of Group Plan 

  • Group administrators have instant access to volunteer data from all locations 
  • Aggregated reports across multiple sites can be generated automatically for export 
  • Settings can be locked at the group level to ensure consistency across all sites