Organizations can create a file upload field as part of the volunteer profile or the hour log if they want volunteers to upload a photo or PDF. This is most commonly used when the volunteer needs to provide some kind of additional verification about their volunteer experience. 

However, in some scenarios, organizations use the file upload field to gather documentation such as a signed waiver or confidentiality agreement. 

At this time, the original file cannot be hosted directly on Track It Forward but you can share a link so volunteers know where to access it. To do this, go to Organizer Dashboard > Settings > More Settings. Under the Site Info section, you can customize your site description to include details about accessing outside forms or documents. 

From the volunteer's perspective, this information will appear on the login page, registration page, and hour log page of your site. 


Alternatively, instead of using a file upload field, some organizations will create a custom field for volunteers to acknowledge that they've read and agree to the waiver. The same process can be used to share a copy of the waiver with volunteers, but then a checkbox field can be added to the profile for them to acknowledge it.