The account Owner is the person who initially creates the site on Track It Forward. As the Owner, they have full control of site settings, users, and payment information. Ownership can easily be transferred to different users if roles and responsibilities change in the future. 

There can only be one assigned owner of the site and only the owner can reassign the ownership role to someone else.

Please note that once you assign someone else as an owner, you will automatically be downgraded to a volunteer (without rights), unless you have other roles assigned. If you don't have any roles assigned, but would like to keep the organizer dashboard, make sure to upgrade your role before assigning a new owner. 

To transfer full ownership from one person to another:

The current Owner needs to log into their Organizer Dashboard


Click on the Volunteers tab and choose the volunteer you would like to transfer the ownership to.


Click the Permissions tab and click on Upgrade to Owner.


Click on OK to confirm the change. 


The original owner will be downgraded to a volunteer, unless they have other permissions assigned to their user account.