OWNER - The person who creates the site on Track It Forward and has access to everything.

  • There can only be one assigned owner of the site
  • Only the owner can reassign the ownership role to someone else 
  • The owner will receive notifications when a new user enrolls, but only if there is no coordinator assigned
MANAGER - Someone who is in charge of running the organization page and has access to everything except deleting the site.

COORDINATOR - Someone who manages volunteers, but doesn't have access to advanced configurations or site settings. 
(The Coordinator is the only person who will receive the New User Approval Notifications and Award Milestone Notifications)

REPORTER - Someone who only needs to review hours or generate reports

APPROVER - Someone who needs to view, edit, delete, and approve/reject hours for anyone in the organization. They are also able to receive notifications for hour approvals.

FIELD APPROVER - Someone who needs to view, edit, delete and approve/reject hours for specific people that they are delegated to oversee.They are also able to receive notifications for hour approvals.

KIOSK ACCESS - Someone who can use their credentials to login to the Check In Kiosk or digital sign in sheets. 

For help with assigning roles, read this article.