How to assign administrative roles & permissions

 OwnerManagerCoordinatorReporterApproverField Approver
Delete Site x          
Edit Settings x x        
Invite Volunteers x x x      
User Approval Notification if no coordinator if no coordinator x      
Milestone Award Notification     x      
Edit Hours / Volunteers x x x   x specific
View Hours / Volunteers x x x x x specific
Approve Hours x x x   x specific
Hour Notification         x specific


When setting up an Organization page on Track it Forward, the person actually signing up the Organization Account is the Owner. The ability to assign multiple managers and coordinators is part of the paid premium plans and will no longer be available after the first 30 days of signing up. 

To assign all other roles and permissions the owner needs to go to the Organizer Dashboard >> Volunteers >> Choose the volunteer you wish to assign a role and once you've clicked their name you will see a tab to view Permissions >> Upgrade to (role). You can only assign one volunteer at a time.

Owner -

  • This is the first role assigned by the Track it Forward account itself and this person has complete access to all changes within the account including the ability to delete the account. The Owner is the only one with this ability.
  • The Owner and Manager will receive volunteer approval notifications unless there is a Coordinator assigned.
  • The Owner is the person assigns roles and permission to others. The Owner can assign a Manager who will have the same abilities except for the ability to delete the account.
  • There can only be one Owner. You can transfer Ownership to someone else if you like. You will no longer have access unless you are assigned a Manager role by the new Owner.

Manager -

  • This person can do everything the Owner can except for delete the account and assign the Owner role.
  • The Manager can assign all other roles to various volunteers, edit settings, view volunteers, invite vounteers, etc.
  • There can be multiple Managers. A Manager is usually a person in charge of updating the organization page or co-creator or the organization.
  • The Owner and Manager will receive volunteer approval notifications unless there is a Coordinator assigned.

Coordinator -

  • Will not have access to settings or more settings features in the Organizer Dashboard.
  • Can be responsible for approving hours and be sent all approval notifications.
  • This person can invite new volunteers, view and edit hours, delete volunteers, transfer hours to and from other volunteers, edit profile content like name, phone number, plus other fields the Owner has not blocked off as Organizer Viewable Only.
  • The coordinator will NOT be able to change email or passwords, delete accounts, or assign roles and permissions.
  • The Coordinator is the only person who will receive Volunteer Approval Notifications.
  • This person(s) are usually appointed leaders who are on site for your events often to maintain the volunteer tracking when the owner or manager are busy.

Reporter -

  • Can: view hour logs, view and edit volunteer profiles content (name, phone number, etc), add and invite new volunteers, delete volunteers, and award milestones.
  • Cannot: add hours directly, approve hour submissions, or edit emails or passwords
  • This person usually is the data collector who needs to take the numbers to grant officials or membership offices.

Approver -

  • Can only approve and edit hours they have been assigned to approve.
  • Can log hours for themselves.
  • Will only see hours of volunteers they can approve, They will not be able to see other fields to approve.
  • Can be any volunteer who is upgraded by an Owner or Manager.

Field Approver -

  • A field approver is a volunteer upgraded to approve only a specific field(s). Say a first grade teacher would like to be able to approve hours for just volunteers in his/her classroom and not have to deal with hours for the rest of the school, the teacher can be upgraded to a Field Approver and the Owner or Manager can chose the appropriate field by upgrading the volunteer to "Approver for (specific field the Owner has created)".


To transfer hours:

You must first have the new Owner be a volunteer of your organization's page. Once they are a volunteer, click on their name in the Organizer Dashboard, and you'll see a link that says "Upgrade to Owner". If you still want access before you transfer ownership, make sure you assign yourself a Manager before doing so.

New volunteer access:

Any new volunteer that comes in either via an import, self registering, or inviting, are not given any special permissions. They are just a normal volunteer.

To give them staff permissions, you need to go to their volunteer page in the volunteers list, and click “Upgrade to (role)". Use the chart to find out what permissions you would like to give the new volunteer and assign them a role.