Organizers on the advanced plan have the ability to require volunteers to submit additional verification information through photos, organizer sign-offs, or GPS coordinates. Organizers can select to require all 3 functions, some of the functions, or not have them at all. 

To make modifications to the advanced verification configurations, go to your Organizer Dashboard

Click on Settings, then click on Verifications

Select which features you want to require, make optional, or disable.

Organizer contact information: Volunteers provide organizer contact information the first time, and if they return, the organizer's information is saved and can be chosen from a drop down list. You can select to email the organizer after each submission and also, the mobile app allows organizers to sign their digital signature using their finger. 

Selfies: Volunteers submit event photos directly through the mobile app. This is not available on the website.

GPS: Volunteers record their coordinates from their mobile app only, while at the event. These coordinate are pinned on a Google Map in the approval dashboard for easy location verification. 

The changes will be applied immediately on the web, the mobile app, as well as the Approvals dashboard. For more help on the approvals dashboard, click this link.