Onsite coordinators can sign off on the volunteer's submission directly on the mobile app, or the volunteer can send the coordinator a verification receipt via email either from the app or on the web. 

To get signature on the app

Open the hour log on your mobile app, fill out the necessary fields, then click on "Add Verifications"

Scroll down to the "Verifications: Organizer". 

To choose an former organizer that's already listed in the app, click on the downwards arrow button

To choose a new organizer that isn't in the app yet, click on the Add New Organizer button. 

Provide the organization name,  organizer name, organizer email, and organizer phone number, then click on "Add Organizer" to save the information for future reference.

Lastly, click on "Get Signature

Let your organizer sign their name and click on the checkbox button in the top right corner. 

Once finished, click on "Submit"


To send the coordinator a verification receipt through the web

Open the hour log on your site, fill out the necessary fields, then click on Add Verification to expand

Under Organizer Verification, you can select an organizer whose name was previously provided and will be in the dropdown, or you can enter the contact information for a new organizer.

Once this information is provided, that contact person's information will remain in the system and will be available in the drop-down next time.

Click on Submit Time  to finish