Who has access to the kiosk? Can volunteers check in on their phone?

Volunteers do not have access to the kiosk through their user account. The kiosk is designed to be used on a shared device and requires a site administrator to login with their credentials. Anyone designated as an administrator (i.e. Manager, Approver, etc.) automatically has access to the kiosk. There is also a permission specifically created for Kiosk Access if someone needs to access the kiosk only. (Learn more about permissions

Why don't any volunteers show up on the list to check in? 

If you are a new organization, you will need to add volunteers to your Track It Forward site before they will show up in the dropdown menu for Repeat Volunteers. Depending on your workflow, you can also instruct volunteers to select Register and create an account themselves the first time they check in with the kiosk. (Learn more about adding volunteers)

Can I prevent volunteers from adjusting the time?

No, we do not currently have a setting that would prevent changes to the time. However, you can customize your settings so all kiosk hours are sent to an approval queue after the volunteer checks out. This allows the site administrators to review the hours and follow up if anything looks inaccurate. 

Can I hide the names of volunteers so they don't show up on the list? 

No, for Repeat Volunteers, the kiosk is designed to show all active volunteers in one list. Volunteers can use the search bar to narrow the list and find their name. If your organization doesn't want names displayed, you can adjust the Display Name through your volunteer profile and use nicknames or ID numbers to reference volunteers. 

Do volunteers need a PIN or password for check in through the kiosk? 

No, the kiosk is designed to be a simple check in/check out process so there are no requirements for the volunteer check in. Organizations can choose to send kiosk hours to an approval queue if they want to review hours submitted before they are logged. 

Can the kiosk be used at multiple locations?

Yes, multiple administrators would have the option to login to the kiosk at different sites. However, the list of volunteers cannot be customized by location so the list of checked in volunteers would show everyone from both locations.