When you register as a new user or login to an existing account, you may encounter a login error if something doesn't match our site records. This article will review the most common issues and how you can fix them. 

Registering as a New User

When volunteers are signing up for a new account they may experience the following errors.

Email address is already registered

User accounts are limited to 1 account per email address so volunteers may receive a message that the selected email address is already registered. 

Common Reasons
  • You previously registered as a user with a different organization on Track It Forward 
  • Your organization already created an account on your behalf
Next Steps
  • Request a password reset to access your existing account (Learn more)
  • If needed, complete the registration process to link a 2nd organization to your existing user account (Learn more)

Email address is not valid 

Some users may see an error message during the registration process that the selected email address is not valid. 

Common Reasons
  • The most reason for this error is adding a space after typing the email address 
  • Other typos or extra characters may result in this error 
Next Steps
  • Review the current email address for any typos or extra spaces at the end

Signing in as an Existing User

Unrecognized email or password 

Existing users will most likely encounter this error if their login credentials don't match the site records. 

Common Reasons
  • Adding an extra space after entering the password 
  • Case sensitivity of the password 
  • The user account is listed under a different email address 
Next Steps
  • Double check the password for any typos or extra spaces 
  • If you have multiple email accounts, try signing in with a different email address 
  • Use the Forgot Password link to request a reset link to access your account

Requesting a Password Reset

In some cases, users might receive a error on the password reset page. 

Common Reasons
  • The user account is registered under a different email address 
  • There was a typo in the email address during the registration process 
  • The user account was deleted by the organization 
Next Steps
  • If you have multiple email accounts, try entering a different email address 
  • Contact your organization and ask them for clarification on your account