How do I register with my organization on Track It Forward?

The registration process for volunteers is determined by each organization so you will need to contact your organizer about the best way to sign up. Some organizations share a link to their site and ask volunteers to self-register, while other organizations will create an account on your behalf and notify you via email when you can login. 

What information is required to create a Track It Forward account? 

The only information Track It Forward requires for registration is a valid email address. However, each organization has the option of customization their registration requirements and may ask you to provide a phone number, ID number, etc. Specific concerns should be directed to the organization for clarification. 

I already use Track It Forward with another organization, can I use the same account? 

Yes, any volunteer has the ability to sign up for multiple organization sites and can add hours to each site. The organization sites cannot see the volunteer hours on other sites unless the sites are linked. For simple accessibility, make sure to use the same email address for both sites. When you log in, you will need to select which organization you want to log hours for. 

Can I submit multiple entries at once for my volunteer hours?

Volunteers can enter their hours only one entry at a time. If needed, an organizer can import multiple hours for you. Please contact them directly or through the "Contact Your Organizer" link for help. 

Why can't I access my Track It Forward account?

There are a few reasons you might have issues accessing your account

  • Wrong Password: If you get locked out because of too many inaccurate password attempts, you may need to reset your password
  • Archived User Account: Your volunteer account could be archived or permanently deleted by the Organization administrators. If this is the case, contact your Organizer administrators, as they will need to be made aware, if the deletion was an accident.
  • User Account Needs Approval: Sometimes the Organizer has settings where they require new users to be approved before they can be granted access to the Organization site. If this is the case you would need to either wait for them to approve you or contact them directly.
  • Organization Account Cancelled: If your account has been closed, it could be because the Administrators have canceled their subscription or they removed payment. Contact your organizer directly for assistance.