Registered by Administrator 

Some organizations may choose to register volunteers directly to create user accounts in bulk and onboard everyone quickly. If your organizer creates an account on your behalf, you will likely receive an invitation email from the system. This email will provide you with a one-time access link to login and set a password for your account. 

Self Register with Direct Link

Some organizations may ask volunteers to self register to create their own user account. Each Track It Forward organization will have a direct link so you can easily access the registration page for your site. The direct link is often provided by a site administrator via email or by posting it on their organization's website. 

When you click the direct link from your site administrator, you will see the option to sign in or register for a new account. 

The registration link will redirect you to the registration form that is specific for your organization. The fields required to create a new user account will vary based on your organization's settings. At a minimum, an email address and password will be required to sign up. 

Self Register with Public Search

Alternatively, some organizations choose to make their site publicly searchable so volunteers can self register without a direct link. From the home page of Track It Forward, click Find your organization. On the next page, search for the name of your organization and then select it from the list of results. 

This will redirect you to your organization's site where you will follow the same steps to self register as a new user. 

Please note: Every organization has its own process for volunteer registration. You will need to confirm with your organizer if they want you to self register with Track It Forward or if they want to create an account on your behalf and invite you to the site. 

Once you've successfully registered as a new user, you can start logging hours through your account. For instructions on how to log hours you can read this article.