Sites can quickly access recent reports by going to Organizer Dashboard > Reports > Recently Run Reports. This shows you a list of the most recent reports that you've created for your organization. 

From here, you can just click Download if you need a copy of the same report that was previously created. This is a great option if you realize that you forgot to save a copy last time or need to share it with someone else. The download should launch automatically so you can open the report in Excel. 

Alternatively, if you want to review the report in more detail first, you can click directly on the report to open it up. From there, you can modify parameters before running a new version of the report. 

The section for Recently Run Reports is created automatically each time you run a new report. By default, it will only show the most recent reports you've generated. If you want to save a specific report for future use, you will need to save it as a template to ensure you can access it later.