All users have access to a volunteer dashboard. Upon initial sign up, volunteers can 1) log hours, 2) view the events calendar (if configured), 3) edit your profile or 4) change your password and email. 


Log Hours

On this page, you have the ability to 

  1. Log your hours for an event and submit it
  2. View your progress in the current milestone time frame. You can also click on the << & >> links to view previous and future milestone progress. Click on See all milestones if you have multi level requirements. 
  3. View your timesheet. For further details, click on a submission



On this page, you have the ability to 

  1. View hours logged by each volunteer based on your set time frame and time interval. 
  2. View the ranks of the top volunteers and the number of hours volunteered.  
  3. View the daily details of who volunteered, where, and how many hours.
For more on charts, see this link.


Event Sign-Ups

On this page, you have the ability to 

  1. Create an event
  2. View events that you signed up for
  3. View events that are still open and have shifts that need to be filled
  4. View past events
For more details on events, see this link.