All users have access to a volunteer dashboard where they can manage their account and activities. After logging in, users will be redirected to the volunteer dashboard where they can select: Log Hours, Events, Edit Profile, Export All Hours, or Change Password & Email

Please note: If the user has administrative permissions assigned, there will be another option for Organizer Dashboard listed. 

Log Hours

From here, volunteers can:

  1. Access the hour log to submit new hours
  2. View past entries on their timesheet
  3. Monitor milestone progress (if enabled) 


On this page, volunteers can view upcoming opportunities posted by their organization. Volunteers can self register for open spots with their user account. If anything changes, they can return to the calendar and cancel their RSVP to notify the organizer. 

Edit Profile

Volunteers can manage their profile information if they want to make changes to their account details. This page will also provide them with access to manage their email subscriptions if they want to unsubscribe from certain emails. 

Export All Hours

Volunteers can download a copy of their historical hours by using the Export all hours function on their dashboard. This is recommended when volunteers need to see all hours for their account and save a copy for their own records. 

Change Password & Email 

Volunteers can manage their login credentials if they want to update the email address or password associated with their account. From here, they also have access to delete their user account entirely.