Using the Organizer Dashboard

To find the Organizer Dashboard you can locate a smaller "Organizer Dashboard" title under your Organization's name on the top left OR you can access it through your account sign in: (Sign in >> Account >> Organizer Dashboard tab)

Only the creator/owner of the organization site will have complete access to the Organizer Dashboard. Your standard volunteers will not be able to see the contents of the Organizer Dashboard. If you'd like to have multiple people access the Organzer Dashboard you can assign the owner or coordinator role to those volunteers. (see Assigning Roles and Permissions).This is a premium feature that does not continue after

Volunteers have their own dashboard when they sign up and log in. Here they can log hours, edit their profile, check their timesheet (only their hours), view public charts that show all volunteer hours compared to each other and if there are events to sign up for there will be access under the Events sign in tab. 

Within the Organizer Dashboard you can access the following:

  • Overview: View and manage your volunteers and their logs through the Volunteer Logs and the Volunteers Tab. Submit hours directly to bypass approval. Edit and approove submitted hours. See a graphed overview of reports of total hours.
  • Reports: View and search through submitted hours and print reports.
  • Promote: Share and invite people to your site. Send them emails with direct links and embedd widgets directly to your organizations direct website so your volunteers don't even have to visit ours. 
  • Settings: Adjust your hour log, milestones, requested volunteer information and other site settings and configurations such as email templates to send to volunteers, activity and site labels, as well as make your site public.