For organizations that want additional customization, more settings are available on our premium and advanced plans. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these settings!

Require Hours: By default, hours are required for each submission. Some organizations disable this requirement to track data beyond hours, such as collecting information from volunteers about donations, membership dues, or meeting attendance. 

Lock Submissions: This makes it easy for organizations to prevent new submissions by locking the hour log. This is commonly used to enforce a deadline or to prevent duplicate entries when hours are already being logged on behalf of volunteers. 

Allow Future Time Entry: For organizations with reporting deadlines, this setting makes it easy for volunteers to estimate and log future hours. 

Allow New Activity Entry: This is commonly used by programs that don't want to limit volunteers to set list of activities or organizations. Volunteers can create a new activity/organization if theirs isn't listed so it makes it easy to build the list of options over time. 

Disable Hour Approval Email: For organizations with hour approval enabled, this allows them to customize their preference for notification emails. 

Preserve Selections: If volunteers are likely to select the same responses each time, this make it easy for them to submit hours quickly by preserving past selections.