As an administrator, you can view your current list of volunteers by going to Organizer Dashboard > Volunteers. By default, volunteers will be list alphabetically by their select Display Name. (Check out this article for more detail on modifying the display name)

Sorting Your Volunteer List 

By clicking one of the 3 column headings (Display Name, Hours, Last Accessed), you can sort the list of volunteers using a different parameter. By clicking the same heading (i.e. Hours) you can change the preference for ascending or descending order. 

  • Sort by hours - this can quickly identify which volunteers have logged the most or least amount of hours. This is typically used to identify volunteers who have logged many hours so administrators can follow up according. 

  • Sort by last accessed - this can be used to identify inactive users who haven't signed in recently. This is typically used when organizations want to archive volunteers who aren't actively using the site. 

Filtering Your Volunteer List

Alternatively, you can click the filter tab to search/segment the list for specific users. For example, you can search for a specific volunteer using their name/email address. 

If you are using custom profile fields, additional filters will be able to search for volunteer matching a specific criteria. For example, you could filter the list for volunteers for everyone who selected fundraising as one of their interests. 

You can also filter for specific administrative roles to confirm which users currently have permissions assigned to their account. 

After applying the necessary filters, you can navigate back to the actions tab and select a bulk action for your segmented list. For example, sending an email to the filtered list of volunteers interested in fundraising.