You can access the Organizer Dashboard upon initial sign in

Or under your Organization's name on the top left 


The owner and managers of the organization have full access to the Organizer Dashboard. The coordinators and reports will have a similar initial organizer dashboard but with limited access. For more information on roles and permissions, see this article. 

Volunteers have their own dashboard when they sign up and log in. Here they can log hours, edit their profile, check their timesheet, view public charts that show all volunteer hours compared to each other, as well as sign up for events.

Within the Organizer Dashboard you can access the following:


  1. Volunteer Hours - Visual line graph that shows volunteer hours submitted. Click on Full Hour Reports for more details.
  2. Milestones Summary - Visual pie graph that shows volunteer milestone progress. Click on the hyperlinks or View full milestone report link for more details.
  3. Report Summary - Review and edit hours through hour submissions tab, approve/reject hours, approve/reject uses, and award milestones.
  4. Submit Hours - Submit individual hours for yourself or another volunteer and bypass the log hours form.


Reports: View and search through submitted hours and print reports.


Volunteers: Add new volunteers and send invitations, import volunteers and hours, view and edit volunteer profiles, bulk log hours, send email blasts and more.


Promote: Share links with volunteers so they can sign in, register, and log hours directly from your website. You can also insert these forms and charts on your website with our embeddable widgets. For more details, read this article.


Settings: Adjust your hour log, milestones, requested volunteer information and other site settings and configurations such as email templates to send to volunteers, activity and site labels, as well as make your site public. The Advanced Settings section has more information about these additional configurations. 


Payments/Upgrade: Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan, access invoice, or change credit card.


To go back to the main page screen or to access another organization that you are a part of, click on Account.