Configuring Volunteer Profile

As owner of the Organization account you can also customize what types of information you would like your volunteers to provide in a profile. This can help with organization and sorting your volunteers by group or activities.

Go to Organizer Dashboard >> Settings >> Volunteers


  • You can choose if you would like to approve all submitted hours as they are entered by volunteers.
  • You can choose to approve each new volunteer that register to Track it Forward for your organization.

Add Profile Fields: This portion asks what fields you would like to collect from your volunteers. Generally name and email are the minimum requirements however you can be creative and use the fields for many other types of information.

  • Once fields are added you can sort and filter volunteers based on specific fields.
  • The (+) to the left of the Naming fields shows you options for making each field:
    • Required - volunteers will be automatically prompted to fill this field out.
    • Display Name - if you would like the name of this field to be visible in the volunteer's  public profile,
    • Organizer Only - make this field visible to just the organizer/ owner or manager.
    • Grouping- use grouping if you are trying to allow some volunteers to be in the same group with a common identifier. When volunteers are part of the same group they can contribute their hours to the same volunteer requirement or achievment level.
      •  ie if two parents would like to contibute to one milestone (40 hours of classroom volunteering over the course of 1 school year), but want to have two separate volunteer accounts they can reach a family milestone. You can sort and filter them by that field.
  • You can select one or more.
  • The (v) drop down arrow to the right of the text fields opens up option for a text field or drop down menu to input information.

To view a volunteer's profile go to Organizer Dashboard >> Volunteers >> List of Volunteers and click on the volunteer's name, you will be able to see their profile, email, change password, permissions.